The FBR Shop has been well recognized for the innovations leading to the design and development of premier drag bikes and high horsepower street machines on both two and four wheels. Reasonably priced, our services are available to racers competing in the Bracket Classes and Heads Up Racing as well. We offer such packages as Pro-Stock/Pro-Mod Chassis Setups, Funny Bike Chassis, and the wheel/tire combo that put The FBR Shop on the fast track. The FBR Ship is present at ALL of the AMA/Prostar events. You can find us on Manufacturers Row, supporting our loyal customers and meeting new ones. Additionally, we are also the onsite representative for Nitrous Express and can therefore assist you with the tuning and setup of their "Next Generation" nitrous systems and cutting edge components and products. We use no other.

Contingency money is available for frame use. Engine packages and cylinder head use contingency. We use products and components from PMFR in our roller sections. The infamous FBR Wheel & Hub? Firestone tire bolts directly in to replace you 8 1/2 Goodyear providing better 60' response and repeatability with extreme durability. We currently have a machine running 8.60's all season on the same tire.